warehousing & fulfillment

This is where it all comes together! Our 250,000 sq ft warehouse in Rancho Cordova CA and our 35,000 sq ft warehouse in Indiana, allow us to store and fulfill our clients items on both coasts. Each location has the ability to print (datasheets, brochures, postcards etc as well as banners and flat stock signage) and everything is accessible via our online system that we custom built and can edit based on our clients needs. Ask us for a demo!

Pacful Warehouse Inner Warehouse area.jpg


In our warehouses, everything is received and given a part number and location so when you order it, we can efficiently pull and ship it same day! Everything is accessible through our online system that will always show live accurate quantities of items in stock. 

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Print on Demand

Our print on demand feature that is built into our online interface allows you to have all your print assets available online. This means you can order your in stock items as well as any print items (in any quantity) and we will print those pieces "on demand", package and ship them with the rest of your in stock materials. This includes datasheets, postcards, brochures and even foam core signage!

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Custom Kitting

We have a great team that can take materials and kit them as needed. Whether this is a custom mailer kit, a tradeshow bag/room gift for an event or any type of project for that special personal touch is needed. We can do it!